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Time to put an end to industry norms of salary markups and hidden fees and give the power back to the people.

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For the past decade,
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It is time for change.

Time to Change

We’ve Reimagined Global Hiring with
Transparency and Efficiency


The first platform that gives power to talent and companies to breakaway from corrupted business models that operate with salary markups on talent and lack transparency.


Explore dynamic profiles featuring salary expectations, portfolios, and AI interview insights. Assess key candidate information instantly, interview, negotiate and hire.

Hey there 👋 I’m Jex

Introducing Jex ,from candidate discovery to payroll.

topAI-Driven Candidate Profiles

Jex aggregates everything you need about a candidate in one profile. Salary expectations, experience, notice period, communication skills and more.

topPropose Job Offers

Found a promising candidate? Arrange interviews and propose job offers with net monthly salary, role, and employment terms.

topCompliance & Payroll

From accepted offer to ongoing employment, Jex handles compliance, contracts, and monthly payroll for your global team.

Save Time and Money

Access Global Talent Without Salary Markups or Multiple Screenings

Eliminate 100% of preliminary, unnecessary repetitive interviews and high salary markups.

Explore Profiles with Jex

Tell Jex your requirements for instant candidate matches, or use our advanced filters to search our talent pool deeply. Find ideal candidates in seconds.

AI-Driven Dynamic Profiles

Review our smart profiles showcasing candidates' skills, experience, communication skills, salary expectations, and AI interview insights.

Arrange Interviews

Arrange interviews with candidates for further assessments, propose job offers within your budget, and hire and manage all in one place.

Complete Workflow

All your Hiring Needs in One Place

Discover and hire talent from around the world on one platform with ease.

Global Legal Compliance Agreements

When a candidate accepts your job offer, Jex instantly generates compliant agreements which are sent for signatures to both parties. Global compliance, done in seconds.


Transparent and Fair Pricing

Before Jex
Staffing Charges You$5,500
Talent Receives$1,000
20 - 80% markups
After Jex
0% salary markups
Clear and Transparent SaaS pricing